Mt Rainer National Park, ferries, spaghetti roads, and the back country that contain vistas that most Pacific Northwester’s haven’t seen. This isn’t tour, this is an adventure in the Pacific Northwest.


9 Days, 1,362 miles/2,192 km


starts at $1970

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TourUSA’s “The Heart of Washington Adventure Tour” is a 9 day expedition riding on the best Washington State has to offer in twisty roads and quite backroads and trails with breathtaking vistas. You begin this ride in Seattle Washington traveling south on ferries and spaghetti roads down to the Columbia River Gorge. From there you will ride volcano row and challenge your riding skills on the trail to Bethel Ridge. You’ll find yourself standing atop the Grand Coulee Dam that holds back the mighty Columbia River. Snow covered mountains down to the ocean where you can see Orca Whales as you look across Deception Pass at the edge of Puget Sound. By the time you return to Seattle for the flight home you will have seen sights that many who live in the Northwest never get to see..

Geographic Area

Seattle skyline, Hoh Rainforest, Mt Saint Helens, Mt. Rainer, Columbia River Gorge, Bridge of the Gods, Leavenworth, Washington Backcountry Discovery Route, waterfalls, orca whales, and ferries.



  • Day 1: Arrival Day - Welcome to the Northwest

    You arrive at Seattle Tacoma International Airport and TourUSA transfer to the hotel. At the hotel TourUSA will meet you with your adventure motorcycle. Plenty of time to answer any questions you may have about the motorcycles and the adventure that lies ahead. Take a short ride into the city of Seattle where you will be able to bond with your bike and take advantage of the plethora of activities and fine dining available.

  • Day 2: Ferries & Spaghetti Roads 233 miles/375 km (Paved)

    Two of the most iconic features of the Puget Sound is our world class ferry system with over 22 ferries and the active volcano Mt Saint Helens. You will ride to the West Seattle ferry dock where you will head to the front of the line and board first where your journey south starts across Vashon Island. If you are a fan of museums stop in to see the world renown Lemay America's Car Museum as you head towards Mt Saint Helens into the volcano’s 1980 blast zone. End you day in the Columbia River Gorge where you will settle in and enjoy a good meal.

  • Day 3: Columbia River Gorge 130+ miles/209+ km (Paved /Dirt)

    The Gorge is filled with enough pavement and dirt to fill a month of riding. Leave your gear at the hotel to enjoy a day of riding light. We will provide you with several routes on your TourUSA GPS hitting all the highlights of the region that fit your interest, enjoy waterfalls, ride gravel roads into the Columbia Rive Gorge.

  • Day 4: Volcano Row 120 miles/193 km (Dirt)

    Take a little known dirt route to the beginning of the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route (WABDR) where you will skirt along the foot of the 12,281’ Mt Adams to the east, Mt Saint Helens to the west, Mt Hood to the south and the 14,400’ Mt Rainer to the north. Cool off in the ice caves while you eat your lunch and don’t miss the photo opportunity on the shore of Lake Takhlakh with Mt Adams in the background. Your day ends in a small logging town normally only hosting skiers, hikers and firefighters this old logging town is small and quaint begging for you to enjoy a beverage on the porch of the hotel as you watch a world that is not driven by the speed of technology

  • Day 5: Bethel Ridge 174 miles/280 km (Paved/Dirt)

    Start your day warming up on lightly maintained paved FS road that passes campsites and rivers heading north to the entrance of Mount Rainier National Park. You will ride to the highest point in the park reachable by car or motorcycle. Next you will drop down the east side of the mountain where you will head up the unpaved second leg of the WABDR over Bethel the classic photos on the cliff faces and travel through one of the only 4x4 sections of the WABDR. After lunch you will skirt along the valley floor to another gravel route that will lead you to your finally stop for the night where you will find an outstanding selection of food in the quaint farming/college town of Ellensburg.

  • Day 6: Beer, Brats, and Hops 174 miles/280 km (Paved/Dirt)

    Sleep in and enjoy good breakfast before heading up to the Lion Rock overlook above the wind generators and Ellensburg. Depending how much dirt and miles you want to ride you will have two routes to choose from taking you along portions of section 3 of the WABDR. Explore the lightly paved Old Blewett Pass and a little known easy dirt route leading to Leavenworth from the east or a longer more challenging route that ends above Wenatchee and only a short distance from you hotel. Take advantage of the brew houses, restaurants and wineries. If you arrive early and are still itching for more dirt take advantage of one of the extra rides in your TourUSA GPS

  • Day 7: Exploration Day 75 miles/121 km (Paved/Dirt)

    A down day if you will. Hang around the Leavenworth area, do some sightseeing, shopping, resting, eating, or the best yet split up! Jump on the bikes and ride section 4 of the WABDR through the jungle. Take a ride over to Lake Chelan and eat at North Shore Café, or take a ferry and visit Stehekin. Outside of Leavenworth, you will find some of the best scenery in Washington. Towering mountains rise from the wooded valleys, cascading rivers tumble through the forests, and winding roads curve up toward the sky. Glaciers and high peaks make up this section of the Cascades, one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the country.

  • Day 8: Grand Coulee Dam 213 miles/343 km (Paved)

    Continue down the fertile Wenatchee River Valley toward Wenatchee where you pass the Peshastin 200-foot sandstone pinnacles that are irresistible to climbers, reaching the Columbia River Valley from above, for spectacular views. You will pass Earthquake Point, named for the immense 1872 earthquake that left its mark there. Enjoy the apple-growing region (Washington produces 60% of the nation's apples) on your way to Grand Coulee Dam —the largest electric power-producing facility in the United States. Your day will end in the small town of Winthrop in the North Cascades pass.

  • Day 9: Snow Covered Peeks & Whales 243 miles/391 km (Paved)

    Your longest day of the trip takes you home over the Cascades which is debatably the most amazing mountain pass in the country. Numerous outlooks beg you to pull over and take photos, Lake Diablo is a must stop! Keep an eye out for the many waterfalls along the route. You will turn south when you reach the shores of the Puget Sound taking you across Deception Pass where you can stop to look for the frequently seen Orca pods that call this area of the Puget Sound home. We will meet you at your hotel for a curbside pickup of your bikes and to return your personal items not needed for you adventure.

Included In Tour

  • Shuttle transport from Airport to hotel
  • 1GPS per tour with tracks
  • Trip book
  • Motorcycle (KLR 650)
  • Secured personal storage
  • Shuttle transport from hotel to airport

Not Included In Tour

  • Meals
  • Gas
  • Lodging accommodations
  • Travel insurance
  • Curbside motorcycle delivery
  • Gratuities

Tour Notes

  • Upgraded rental bikes are available (contact us for a quote)
  • Single occupancy upon request, additional fees apply

Motorcycle Rental Requirements

  • Renter must be 21 years of age or older
  • Renter must have experience riding a similar size and type motorcycle
  • Must have a valid motorcycle license from state or country of origin
  • Must be able to secure a $2,500 “damage deposit” with a major credit card
  • Must purchase the MBA “Mandatory Minimum Liability” insurance at the rate of $15.00 per day directly from MBA Insurance

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