The popularity of the Honda Grom surprised the company’s executives. When it first went on sale in 2014, dealerships quickly ran out of stock, and customers kept checking back several times a week.

To purchase a Honda Grom, people formed waitlists and made higher-priced offers.

The cheap mini bike is a popular motorcycle among all demographics due to its low price, good fuel efficiency, user-friendliness, ease of maintenance, and lightweight.

People are also surprised by the bike’s ease of handling city streets and its ability to keep up with some full-size motorcycles.

Due to its increasing popularity and award-winning design that packs a lot of punch into its 227-pound, 125-cc design, many other motorcycle companies have copied or “cloned” it.

Honda grom clones are replica bikes designed to look exactly like the original motorcycle.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Purchasing Honda Grom Clone

The honda grom clone was made in China, and its low price, which is half or even a third of the Grom’s, makes it ideal for people on a tight budget who don’t need to spend a lot of money on high-performance bikes like the Grom.

With this in mind, most Grom clones are believed to have characteristics that surpass the Grom, such as the Benelli TNT 135, which has more horsepower and a more incredible top speed and can be driven on highways where the original Grom isn’t allowed.

The SSR Razkull 125 also consumes less fuel, about 25% less than the Grom, is less expensive, and weighs less than the Grom.

Furthermore, many of these motorbikes are designed to appeal to buyers and save them money compared to the original bike, so finding a good clone shouldn’t be too difficult.

The Best 5 Honda Grom Clone

The Honda Grom is a fantastic entry-level motorcycle, but you should consider a few other options before deciding.

We’ve done some research and compiled for you a list of the best five Honda Grom clones, all of which are built in the elegance and sophistication of a mini motorcycle.

Benelli TNT 135

Best Five Honda Grom Clone

If I had to pick just one Grom alternative, it would most likely be Benelli’s TNT 135 because it combines all the styling, features, and technology.

The Benelli is the only Honda Grom clone with electronic fuel injection, having been designed in Italy and manufactured in China.

It’s the ideal machine for younger or inexperienced riders looking for easy-to-ride and affordable thrills.

The engine has class-leading features like a 135 cc displacement, air cooling for consistent power, and a single overhead camshaft actuating four valves, which maximizes the amount of energy available, an unheard-of feature in this segment.

In terms of MSRP, it was $950 less expensive than the cheap original mini bike, costing $2,649 instead.

Thanks to its powerful engine, the Benelli produces over 11 horsepower and can easily reach 70 mph or more speeds in factory trim.

The transmission is also very different from the Grom or other alternative bikes. The Benelli TNT has a 5-speed manual transmission, making high-speed riding even more feasible.

It rides on twelve-inch wheels with the same factory tire sizes front and rear as the Grom, and it’s equipped with a decent disc brake system to bring all that speed to a halt.

Overall, if you want to convert this stunt bike into a starter bike, the TNT is the most cost-effective and best option.

Benefits of Benelli TNT 135

●      Less horsepower compared to the honda grom

●      Cheap motorcycle-Budget-friendly

●      Maximum speed

Downsides of Benelli TNT 135

●      Not flexible like the honda grom

●      Uneasy modification

●      Poor Fuel mileage

●      Weight

The cheap SSR Razkull 125

The second on our list is the SSR Razkull 125, a great-looking and performing Honda Grom clone. It’s made in China and costs around $2,000 in the United States but looks exactly like a smaller version of the Ducati Monster.

You can have a fun little runabout that looks like the original bike for as little as it costs.

It has the same displacement as the Grom at 125cc and weighs less than 225 pounds, so it’s an appealing alternative if you want to stand out from the Grom crowd.

One of the significant factors contributing to its low cost is the lack of electronic fuel injection in the Grom.

The Razkull’s fit and finish are better than you’d expect for such a low-cost motorcycle, and the engine, like the Grom and Z125, is mated to a manual 4-speed transmission.

It’s supposed to have a little more than eight horsepower. It has a 120 series tire on both ends, rather than the slightly fatter 130/70-12 that we’re used to seeing.

Furthermore, its aftermarket parts are challenging to repair, making them extremely difficult to repair if it breaks down, which is a common issue with Chinese-made products.

Benefits of the SSR Razkull 125

●      Very cheap motorcycle-Budget-friendly

●      Weight

●      It looks like a mini Ducati Monster

Downsides SSR Razkull 125

●      Clunky transmission

●      Poor fuel efficiency

●      No fuel injection

●      Limited dealer network

The cheap Kymco K-Pipe

Kymco K-Pipe

The Kymco k-pipe is a European-style bike designed for riders who prefer an off-road look with excellent urban performance.

The K-Pipe is the best Honda Grom clone for a novice or experienced rider looking for a fun small displacement bike.

This grom clone has the same top speed as the Gro and costs around $2,249, making it a less expensive option than the Grom.

The transmission, horsepower, and lower spec resemble the original Grom.

The K-pipe has a downward acceleration of approximately 8eight and is 40 pounds heavier. It also has a poor gas mileage of roughly 80 miles per gallon. It has a four-speed transmission as opposed to Grom’s five-speed transmission.

Aside from the features mentioned above, the K-Pipe has one distinguishing feature: 17-inch wheels, which are significantly larger than the Grom’s 12-inch wheels.

If you’re looking for a starter bike, this gives you more stability and makes it even better for street riding and commuting.

Benefits of Kymco K-Pipe

●      Budget-friendly

●      Adjustable shock for a customized ride feel

●      Fold-out passenger footpegs

●      Large wheels and tires for stability and handling

Downsides of Kymco K-Pipe

●      Low horsepower and acceleration

●      Poor Fuel mileage

●      Carburetor driven

TaoTao Hellcat 125

TaoTao Hellcat 125

The TaoTao Hellcat 125 Motorcycle is a ridiculously cheap Grom clone that looks and feels exactly like a Honda Grom, and you can’t tell the difference at first glance, but it costs a fraction of the name brand price.

This 125 motorcycle has standard front and rear alloy rims and is factory equipped with an air-cooled engine, electric start, and hydraulic disc brakes, earning it a spot in our fourth best clones list.

Furthermore, the Hellcat is a good starter option for someone on a budget.

It’s not as well-built as the Grom, and it uses inferior parts like a carburetor rather than the Grom’s superior fuel injection.

However, it does have one significant advantage over the Grom: its weight.

Even if you’re only 207 pounds, you can have fun on the Hellcat and learn stunts and tricks.

The Tao Hellcat 125 will last for years and perform well in any condition, with a top speed of 45 mph,1.5-gallon fuel capacity, and many other features to boast, such as an agile 49-inch wheelbase chain drive and dual shock absorber suspension.

Benefits of TaoTao Hellcat 125

●      Budget-friendly

●      Weight

Downsides of TaoTao Hellcat 125

●      Poor construction and quality

●      less speed compared to the Honda grom

●      Maintenance and availability of parts are difficult to achieve

The mini Fuerza de Icebear

Fuerza de Icebear

This super scooter has the same appearance as a Honda Grom but costs half the price and has the same great features.

This Grom clone is an excellent transportation model for those looking to save money while still experiencing the thrill of riding with the wind in their face.

The Fun size weighs a surprising 188 pounds, much less than the Grom’s 227 pounds, but is still powerful enough to get you where you need to go, placing it fifth on our list.

This Icebear Fuerza is less expensive than our original bike because it has a four-speed manual transmission, front and rear disc brakes, and lightweight aluminum wheels. It also has slower acceleration than the original motorbike.

Benefits of Icebear Fuerza

●      Budget-friendly

●      Weight

Downsides of Icebear Fuerza

●      Low horsepower and acceleration

●      Poor Fuel economy

●      Maintenance and availability of parts are difficult to achieve

Buyers Guide: Honda grom’s key characteristics

●      Superior Rider Comfort and Handling

Because the bike is intended for new riders, it has a lightweight body and optimized power and handling elements that are friendly to the rider when handling the bike.

After several upgrades, Honda has managed to keep the non-ABS model’s weight under 227 pounds and the ABS model’s weight just over 230 pounds.

For new riders, the lightweight bike with low power provides excellent handling.

●      Functionality And New-Age Styling

The Grom is constructed with tubular steel annexures around a mono-backbone frame.

A backbone with a square cross-section provides structural rigidity and strength.

Furthermore, the rear wheel is linked to the main chassis frame and a yoke-style swingarm.

Honda provides a variety of exterior skin customization options.

The Grom’s standard exterior styling includes three color schemes: Queen Bee Yellow and matte black for the base model, gold finishes and graphics for the Grom SP, and Candy Blue for the top trim Grom ABS.

●      Honda’s New Engine

Honda’s engine has been modified for the 2022 Grom. The bike’s 125cc engine produced 9.7 HP and eight lb-ft of torque in the 2020 model.

The 2022 Grom, on the other hand, is powered by a 124cc air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine that delivers the same horsepower and torque as the previous models.

The new engine has a narrower bore column and longer stroke of 52.4mm x 57.9mm, with a compression ratio of 10.0:1 instead of 9.3:1.

The older version’s oil spinner and filter have been replaced with a changeable oil filter, and a PGM-FI fuel injection system powers the fuel supply.

Major Drawback Of The Honda Grom Clone

The Honda Grom’s compact size makes it ideal for crowded places and a scary ride for someone with little to no road experience.

This is because it is a small motorcycle and can be pushed to the side by larger vehicles.

And, aside from pedal bikes and mopeds, all other cars on the road are more significant than the Hond

Furthermore, the lightweight Grom can make city commuting easier; however, avoid using it on highways as this is when the lack of power is most noticeable.

The Grom is ultimately a city ride, and the open roads do not beckon to it in the same way that Harleys, Indians, and other cruisers do.

This stylish little motorcycle is all about functionality.

Let’s conclude

Honda Grom clones have excellent specifications and are fitted with top-of-the-class engines, and are cost-effective when you want to make some savings and still have a comfortable motorcycle.

Nevertheless, finding the most delicate little honda clone for trail riding doesn’t have to be as tricky anymore with our top selection.

Several models to choose from can provide the most thrilling trial or motocross adventure while remaining affordable and packed with great features.

We wish you the best of luck if you’re searching for the perfect Honda Grom clone for any future outdoor activities planned!

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