Bret Tkacs

Bret Tkacs is a professional motorcycle trainer, guide and outdoorsman. His EMT background, search and rescue experience and 20 years of training motorcyclist puts you in the hands of the truest definition of “expert”. When not training military Special Forces offroad, adventure riders on large bore adventure bikes or leading TourUSA tours you will find him wandering the earth’s crust by motorcycle. If you want to know more about your guide a quick search on the internet and you will be able to listen to his riding skills segments on Adventure Rider Radio or read his opinions and advice in magazines like ADVmoto where he freelances. Bret says his dream ride is to “see where it all started”. He is currently fulfilling his dream of through Africa and along the Ivory Coast.

"Not all those who wander are lost." -J.R.R. Tolkien

Paul Solomonson

Paul Solomonson brings 20 years military field “off the grid” experience to adventure riding and is enthusiastic finding and sharing new challenges with other riders. His introduction to adventure riding began when he first combined his love of the outdoors with two wheeled exploration in Alaska’s Chugach Mountains. His sense of humor and good-nature will keep the mood light and relaxed even when the situation reaches maximum "pucker factor".

Paul's greatest moment as an adventure rider was during Colorado’s 2014 devastating floods; after safely evacuating an injured rider from a remote pass, he completed the Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route (COBDR) solo along reportedly impassable roads. This decision provided him many opportunities for personal growth and insight such as how many times in one day he can pick up a fully loaded BMW 1200GSA packed with over 100 lbs of mud.

"The only way to know your limits, is to exceed them" -Paul Solomonson